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Three Effective Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Paw Print

by Sandeep Jhand 30 Jul 2023

Some pretty surprising things can contribute to our carbon footprints. One of the most surprising is the carbon pawprint of our pets, especially our dogs. Between their food, grooming products, and waste, our four-legged friends can leave quite a large carbon pawprint no matter the breed. Unfortunately, it’s hard to research how to reduce your carbon footprint when you are typing with paws. Luckily, with our help, we can make sure our pups reduce their carbon pawprints.

Here are three simple changes you and your dog can do to reduce their carbon pawprint:

1. Change Your Dog’s Diet

Changing your dog's diet is the first way to reduce its carbon pawprint. It is important to include more vegetable proteins into your dog’s diet. You also want to be sure not to overfeed them and know what you are buying when you purchase from different manufacturers.


2. Choose Green Products

Choosing green products is one of the first things you can do when reducing your dog’s carbon pawprint. Eco toys from Green & Wilds is a great place to start. These toys are more sustainable and made with natural and sustainable plant fibre. The toys are durable and long-lasting and are 100% biodegradable. 

Sniffe & Likkit is another sustainable dog brand that can help you on your journey toward reducing your dog’s carbon pawprint. Instead of reaching for a perfume or mist for your pup that was made with chemicals, try a fine fragrance mist formulated with essential oils and other botanical ingredients. It is a 100% natural scent with natural deodorizing technology.  

The same applies to the soap or shampoo you use when cleaning your dog. LiveCoco natural dog soap is a neem oil-based soap that naturally hydrates the dog’s skin and also acts as a flea repellent. It is made with only natural oils and butters, which are better for your pet and the environment.

3. Recycle and Reuse

Another easy way to reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint is by recycling and reusing. Dog food cans and bags, and toy packaging can all be recycled. If you have unwanted food, treats, or toys, you can donate them to an animal shelter instead of just throwing them out. Doing this allows you to reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint and help others simultaneously.

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